5 Signs Your Conservatory Roof Needs Replacing

Conservatories are one of the most common additions to modern homes.  They are used as an extra living space, for relaxing, childrens’ play spaces and even kitchens! However, many conservatories haven’t undergone any maintenance since the 1980s which leads to rooms that are not efficient, become too hot in the summer and are unable to maintain a consistent temperature in the winter months.

Frequently the roof is often the cause of the problem!

“Conservatory roofs are often the cause of uncomfortable temperatures all year round “

Conservatory roof repair Bromsgrove

Cold draughts, heat loss and rattling roofs!

Believe it or not conservatories should maintain a comfortable temperature all year round. They should not feel like an oven in the summer or a deep freeze in the winter.  If you are finding it uncomfortable, or even avoid using your space at all, this is a tell tale sign of poor insulation and that some general maintenance is required. If your roof is watertight it will help prevent heat loss and draughts as well as those annoying rattles in high winds!

CONSERVATORIES should maintain a steady temperature all year round

“Heat loss and cold draughts are a sign that a conservatory repair is needed.”

Broken conservatory roof tiles and panels

A sagging conservatory roof!

Take a look at your conservatory roof and inspect the state of the tiles or glazed panels. Check for cracks, missing tiles, loose tiles or panels that have moved. These are all further signs that your conservatory might need some repairs undertaking. As the years pass by, high winds, heavy rainfall, summer heat and winter frosts all take their toll on the roofs structural elements.  It is expected that the forces of nature will cause glazed panels to move or tiles to become loose therefore requiring professional maintenance.

Another common issue with conservatory roofs is sagging. If you notice your roof starting to fall or dip below the uPVC frame or aluminium  rim this is a sure sign that something isn’t right. It can lead to water spots and standing water which over time will lead to seals and frames failing.  The worst case scenario is that the standing water leaks through the seals and also damages the interior ceiling, floor and any furniture underneath it. Repairing this sooner rather than later can avoid costly interior repairs also. 

Conservatory Roof Replacement Bromsgrove
Bromsgrove conservatory roof repair
Conservatory mould and moss growth

Mould and moss growth

Your conservatory guttering should be collecting the rainfall from your roof and keeping it away from the exterior walls and frames to prevent damp issues. If it is incorrectly attached it will not be able to cope with heavy rain fall and the moisture will eventually lead to mould.  The damp conditions are also perfect or unwanted moss growth. If left untreated, exterior walls, frames and seals will remain wet, are unable to dry out and black mold begins to form.  This will start to rot the uPVC facias, soffits, frames and seals and damp will eventually seep thorough to the inside of the building requiring extensive repair work. Catch this issue early!

How does your conservatory look? 

Finally, how does your conservatory look generally? Does it look tired and worn? Are the frames looking green from moss growth or black with mold? Does it look as elegant as when it was installed?

Conservatory roof repairs, or even a new roof can give your conservatory a new lease of life. It can improve energy efficiency, heat loss, draught exposure, remove mold and damp issues and turn it into a space you can use ALL year round! Conservatories are a big investment for home owners so why would you not want to be able to use it?

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Professional conservatory roof repairs and replacement

“Clearsafe are the Midlands leading conservatory repair specialists”

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