Choosing Conservatory Flooring

Whether you are building a new conservatory or renovating an existing one, the type of flooring you choose is an important decision.  Getting it just right is important. Once you commit it is an expensive decision to reverse.


Here are some conservatory flooring ideas to help you make the right choice!  

“Choose a conservatory floor that suit your needs.”

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So what is the best flooring for a conservatory?

This is obviously highly subjective and dependent on what your conservatory is used for. There is no right or wrong answer! 

Some flooring types maybe better than others though. Perhaps the first consideration is your existing décor or the actual interior design feeling you are trying to create. Are you going for modern and minimalistic, homely and traditional, bright and airy or trying to extend the existing style of any adjoining rooms.


flooring choice can affect het loss

“Carpet will help retain heat, hard cold surfaces will be cooler in the summer. It’s all down to personal preference.”

Flooring and heat loss

Conservatory vinyl flooring

Although the look and feel of your conservatory flooring is important you should also take into consideration the materials heat loss properties.  As heat rises you are unlikely to lose much heat through the floor. However, carpet is going to feel much cosier and warmer in the colder months than a cold hard surface which will be cooler in the Summer months.  Alternatively, carpet is the most appropriate conservatory flooring if you are going to have your doors wide open in the summer months. So again it is all down to your personal preference and what you are going to be using the space for.

If you are on a tight budget vinyl flooring or tiling  is a great option. You are likely to pay less per square metre than the equivalent carpet or solid wood flooring. The price will be dependent on the pattern and the durability of the flooring too. The right vinyl pattern, design and texture can create a very elegant and luxurious look. Vinyl flooring is also very easy to maintain and clean.  Any spillages from those Summer parties will easily wipe up in minutes leaving your flooring free from stains. Although very durable, light coloured vinyl flooring can often develop a slight yellowing over time with exposure to the sun. This may be less ideal if you consider how much sun you are going to get in your conservatory.  Therefore, you may want to spend a little bit more on a quality flooring that is resistant to discolouration.

Laminate and hardwood conservatory flooring

Conservatory carpet and rugs

Laminate or hardwood flooring is always a great design choice.  Its ‘neutral’ pattern and colour tend to co-exist with almost any other style choices whether you are aiming for a modern sleek look or a minimalistic feel.

You can reduce the cost of laminate flooring by opting for a DIY solution.  It can be quite tricky to fit but it may well be worth the saving. The click and lock design of solid wood flooring makes it more difficult to install than laminate. However, laminate is less likely to be scratched and chipped than solid wood.

Also consider the structural integrity of your conservatory.  If it leaks or is prone to damp then wooden flooring is less than ideal. One of the most damaging elements to your expensive wooden flooring is water.  The excessive moisture will make the wood swell, lift and warp, split and cause devastating damage. So if your conservatory is leaking you will need to repair that first before even thinking about a new floor installation.

Laminate and wood need careful cleaning too. It cant be mopped with a bucket of water it needs nothing more than a damp cloth or mop. Like vinyl most spillages can be cleaned without leaving any permanant damage.


Carpet is probably the least common flooring type in a conservatory as it tends to be a passageway into the garden and back again. However, it can create a cosy and inviting living space in your conservatory.  To some extent it is also easier to fit yourself than other types of flooring. There are endless styles, patterns, colours and textures to select from. It comes down to your own personal preferences and your existing interior décor.

Be aware of the challenges of fitting a carpet inside your conservatory. Carpet needs to cleaned and vacuumed regularly to keep it looking at it’s best. It also collects dust, dirt, grass, and bugs if you plan on having your conservatory doors open in the warmer months.  Spillages are much more difficult to remove from carpet than solid florrs too.

The best of both worlds would be to have a hard floor surface and place a rug on top.  This adds warmth in the winter months but can also be taken up in the Summer. A large central space is needed to make a feature of your conservatory rug. It can contrast with the neutral coloured flooring and can add a dash of colour on those darker winter nights.  Arguably, if you get fed up with your rug, it is damaged by an overly exuberant party guest it is easier to replace than carpet.  

Conservatory Underfloor heating 

Your final consideration is underfloor heating. This is a worthwhile investmetn as it will make your conservatory a space that can be used all year round. You can install warm water or electric underfloor heating. You don’t have to worry about not being able to use your space in the cooler months.  It will heat the room evenly; no cold or hostspots; uses less energy than radiators; very safe for children with now danger of scalds or burns.  It can take time to heat up though and the installation cost is much gretaer than tradiditianl heating solutions.



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Conservatory underfloor heating repair
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