How long do uPVC windows last and when should they be replaced?

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uPVC windows are a popular choice among homeowners and often the first major home improvement for buyers. This is understandable when you consider all of the benefits they bring.

“uPVC windows offer excellent energy efficiency and sound-proofing qualities.”

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Not only do new windows and doors look stylish and give your home a new lease of  life but they also offer excellent energy efficiency and sound proofing qualities. 

uPVC is also quite cost effective when compared to other window and door frame materials. However, they are still a sizable investment in your home improvents so you must ensure that it is is an investment that will last.

upvc frame lifetime

Typically, uPVC windows last around 20 years depending on the quality of the frames and installation.

How long do uPVC windows last?

When do uPVC frames need replacing?

Providing that your window and door frames are of high quality and are installed correctly you will be able to enjoy them for many years to come.

Typically, good quality uPVC windows will last around 20 years. This may vary between 10 to 30 years dependent on the quality of materials and installation.

They are very low maintanance unlike timber frames which need sanding and coating with weatherproof stains or paints on a regular basis to keep them looking at their best. uPVC frames will just need a wipe down with warm saopy water to keep them clean! Easy!




When to replace your windows is not always easy to see. Damage to the frames and glass is not always visible.  However, their are a few tell tale signs:


  • Look for visible damage to the frames and glass.  Damage will compromise their energy efficiency and security capabilities. Look for cracks and splits in the frame and window sealants.


  • Condensation or mist between the panes of glass in your double glazing unit is a sign that it has failed. There is now an air gap in the frame allowing the air to enter and condense between the two panes of glass.


  • Draughts are another sign that it is time to replace your window and door frames. Over the years temperature changes cause the uPVC to contract and expand which warps the frame and results in gaps opening up. You may notice a draught when you sit near your window which signals that either the frame or the seal has become damaged and allowing the cooler air to enter your house.
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Can you feel a draught?

Cold air entering your home is often a sign that uPVC frames need replacing.


increased heating costs

If your heating costs are rising it may be a sign that your windows are no longer thermally efficient.


Water leaks

If water is leaking through your frames then it is likely that you have a problem with broken seals.

Have you noticed an increase in your energy bill?.

Before the frame damage is visible you may well notice that your energy bills are rising; beyond the utility companies own price increase!

Gaps in the window frame and seals will allow heat to escape out of your home, you turn up your heating and you increase your fuel costs.

Simply running your hand around the edge of your window framws will tell you wheteher you have a draught or not. You may have even noticed that outside noise is more noticable. 



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Have you noticed a problem with your uPVC frames?

“In some cases damaged frames can be repaired.”

If you do think you have a problem with your frames and you are situated in Worcestershire or the Midlands then please send us a message and tell us about your problem.

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