How Secure is uPVC Double Glazing?

In the UK a burglary takes place every 106 seconds. This is a terrifying statistic and an even more traumatic experience to have to go through. uPVC doors and windows have become common place for modern houses and often cheaper and longer lasting than their wooden counterparts.  Whether your uPVC doors and windows are newly fitted or whether you are re-evaluating your homes security, Clearsafe offer you their ultimate guide to UPVC security. 

Clearsafe are experienced in window and glass repairs and installations. They can fit toughened and laminated safety glass, lead features, Georgian grille, stained glass effect, Pilkington’s obscure glass range and much more!

“How do burglars break in to our homes?”

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Most Burglars are opportunists.

They will take the chance to gain entry as it happens. If they see an unlocked door or open window they will be tempted to act. Although it seems like common sense, a lot of homeowners do not lock their doors, and even fewer, their windows.  This makes our home more susceptible to burglaries.

Even if the door is locked, there are still ways for a burglar to gain access to your property, either through brute force or lock picking. Equipping your UPVC doors and windows with additional security measures can really help in protecting your home.


How Secure Are uPVC Doors and Windows?

uPVC doors and windows are often more affordable than wooden ones.  Don’t be put off by this cheaper alternative.  They are incredibly safe and secure, providing outstanding security and durability. They are ideal for the front and back of the house. uPVC doors dismiss the myth that uPVC is cheap and therefore lacks the security  that other door materials can offer. They actually exceeding Building Regulation’ requirements for security and efficiency, their 70mm wide profiles are also PAS 24 accredited. When you lock up for the night you know that your home is secure and that you are in for a good night’s sleep.

Make Sure you Have a Mult-Point Locking system 

The primary security advantage of UPVC over wooden doors is their multi-locking system. When you lock a UPVC door, most require you to lift the handle, which engages various bolts to pop out and secure into the door frame. This essentially creates a 5-point locking system instead of the 2 points on most wooden doors. Lifting the handle engages the multi-point lock system, but turning the key locks them in place. Lifting the handle but not locking the door means the multi-point locks will not lock into the frame and the door can be easily opened.

The weather  can affect the alignment of multi-point locks. Cold weather cause parts to shrink and warm weather can lead to swelling. If alignment changes by even 1mm, the locking system may become stiff or difficult. If this occurs, resist using force as this may damage the multi-point locking system and instead contact a tradesperson.

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Sash Jammers for Windows and Doors – What are they?

Bromsgrove Windows Sash Jammer

An additional security measure to stop entry through your  uPVC doors and windows is to install a sash jammer. Used on both windows and doors, sash jammers stop windows or doors from opening even if the main lock is opened. The most effective sash jammers bolt through the frame and can be closed from the outside with a locking option.

Sash jammers are fairly cheap and easy to fit, making them an ideal addition to home security. They can, however, wear out over time so it is important to keep an eye on them.

Home Security Through Double Glazing

If your windows and doors are single glazed, it’s imperative that you upgrade to double glazing.   It is much harder to break than a single pane of glass.  In combination with thicker frames needed to hold the glass it is a more secure solution than single glazing. This also means they are safer if you have small children and makes breaking-and-entering even harder.


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Top 6 Tips for Burglar Proofing Windows and Doors

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  • Upgrade your window and doors to multi point locks
  • Protect your locks with sash jammers
  • Invest in stronger composite doors
  • Replace single glazed windows and doors with double glazing
  • Ensure your door hinges are not exposed
  • Keep your doors and windows locked at all times
  • Keep your keys away from doors and windows  in the house, keep them in a drawer or a cupboard safely out of the way
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