What Are The Benefits of uPVC Double Glazing?

There are are myriad of reasons why you should replace your old wooden window frames, or upgrade your tired single glazed uPVC frames for double glazed units. Clearsafe, based in Bromsgrove Worcestershire, tell us it keeps household energy costs down and therefore helps support a greener environment by reducing our carbon footprint.

Who doesn’t want to save money?

“Double glazed windows keep household bills down.”

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So, why fit double glazing in your home?

There are many benefits to upgrading your windows:

  •  It reduces the amount of heat lost to the atmosphere.
  • It will lower your energy bills as fuel prices continue to rise.
  • It will keep your home warm in the cold winter months
  • It can make your home more attractive to buyers
Single glazing is inefficient

Single glazed windows can lose up to 25% of your home’s heat. Broken window seals and worn frames will only add to the problem.

Can double glazing really reduce my energy bill?

Double glazing reduces your carbon footprint too!

Your home can lose up to as much as a quarter of its heat through its windows. Therefor single pane windows contribute to cold houses and expensive heating bills as you turn up the boiler to compensate and leave it on for longer periods of time.

One of the first things you will notice when you install double glazed window units is how much longer your home holds it’s heat. Double glazed units, when compared to single glazing, prevents as much as 50% of the heat escaping from from your home. The result of this is that you can turn down your thermostat by a few degrees, and have the heating on for shorter periods of time. This means that over the period of a year you will save hugely on your energy bill and be able to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home for longer.

The principle of this is fairly straightforward. If you are using less energy to heat your home then less fossil fuels are needed to be burnt to generate the heat. This will reduce the levels of C02 that are released into the environment.

Double glazing is made up of two layers of glass. The gap between these two layers is filled with argon gas.  Argon has a thermal conductivity of about 67% making it a poor conducter of heat. Therefore, it reduces the amount of heat that is transfereed from your  home to the outside world and acts as a barrier to cold weather.


double glazing explanation

Double glazed units use two panes of glass with Argon gas trapped between them. The gas is unable to transfer heat and prevents warmth escaping from your  home through the second layer of glass.


Reduces outside noise

Many people who live near a motorway, school main road or busy urban area get frustrated by ongoing noise and may even have difficulty sleeping. Double glazing significantly reduces this noise, even sometimes completely eliminating it.


improved home security

Windows are a common point of entry for thiefs. Double glazing and modern window locks  will reduce the chances of your family having to endure this horrific ordeal. It may even reduce you home insurance premium too.


Better Safety

Single pane windows are unsafe. They shatter into very sharp, shards of glass. If you have young children this is especially dangerous. Double glazing is much safer. Uk law dictates that shatterproof glass has to be fitted in ‘critical’ locations.

Can you afford not to invest in double glazing?


  • Warmer winters – Better insulation and less heat loss.
  • Energy bill savings – Less energy is used and so costs are reduced.
  • Safer – Harder to break, shatterproof and seals are tighter than other windows
  • Cooler summers – Double glazing traps sum of the sun’s light rays make your room cooler. Less air-conditioning or use of fans is needed.
  • Quieter home – Noise from busy roads, noisy neighbours, and heavy traffic is reduced.
  • Reduced condensation : Moisture on window pans is reduced as a result of the airtight seals. This avoids issues with mould.



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